Preface Mads Syndergaard (Translater)

Mads Syndergaard was born in Denmark in 1968. He discovered paragliding in 1987, after having had vivid flying dreams since childhood. Since then he has accumulated countless hours in the air, flying on the international competition circuit almost full time from 1994 till 2001.
Today flying remains his number one passion, although his young family does come a close 2nd…

This book was originally written especially for pilots flying primarily in the German, Austrian and Italian Alps. We felt however that most of the wisdom therein could easily be transferred to any mountain region, and during the translation I have strived to minimise the local bias of the text, just as I have edited content in places where I deemed it necessary. When reading you will still come across sections where the local Alpine bias is clear to see, we hope that the universal usefulness will still be apparent in spite of this.
As in the original version I have used he and him when I have spoken of the pilot. I hope our readers do not interpret this as sexism – it is done for purely practical reasons.
Enjoy the reading, be careful up there and don‘t blame us if your passion for paragliding grows to unexpected and impractical levels.

Mads Syndergaard














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