Renate Brümmer (Nickname Nina)

Nina was born in Tübingen in 1967 and works as a freelance midwife in Bad Tölz.

In 1990 she learnt how to paraglide, and has lived in the mountains of Switzerland and Bavaria since then. Her most important travel items have been a canopy and a camera since then.

Getting a pilots licence took quite a while - starting with the Austrian beginners licence, Nina then moved to Switzerland and had to pass the "Swiss-Brevet" tests. Coming back to Germany, the A- and B-licences then had to follow, and with this finally all doors were open for competition flying.  

1999 initial national and international competition participation
2000 Qualification for the German League (3 years participation)
2001 Licenced as paraglider trainer
2001 Bavarian womens champion
2003 Soaring Queen title
2008 27th place in DHV-XC sport class championships
2009 2nd place DHV-XC womens championships
2009 2 national records and lots of filming for the DVD Site Guide

2010 3 world records, including 3 european and 3 german records

2011 2 national records

2013 6nd place DHV-XC womens championships

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