Preface Bruce Goldsmith

Thermals are like waves in the sky. They have huge force and power and riding thermals can be as exciting as riding huge waves in surfing. I have been hooked on thermal flying for 25 years now, first on hang gliders and now on paragliders. The thrill of finding invisible thermals and then climbing in them to fly XC is as precious an experience now as it was when I first started out flying. Playing with these powerful yet invisible forces of nature is an experience ownly shared by us and beautiful soaring birds.

When Burki first asked me to write a preface for this book, I was so impressed by the depth and detail in the book that I wanted to contribute my own chapter. This book will help pilots to learn more quickly and safely the art of thermal flying and will help pilots to learn quickly many of the techniques that took me years to master.


Bruce Goldsmith

World Paraglding Champion 2007
















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