Thank you for the big praise. For every sentence I am happy and I will publish it here.

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Readers comments

I‘m amazed by the elaborate explanations and overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of your book. It has fulfilled, and even superseded, my highest expectations.
Pascal T.

Peter is practically glowing with excitement. He swallowed the book in one big gulp. Great present.
Love from Hanne

I am a relatively new paraglider pilot and everyone I spoke to tells me that Thermal Flying is the paraglider’s bible, so I would like to order a copy of the new edition

Many thanks, Chris

Your book is brilliant.
Just thought I‘d let you know.

Dear Burkard

My hours in the air and the variety of places I have flown have been vital in my progression. Yet now I have read your book, I feel that I have jumped forward 2 more years.

Thank You, and congratulations on what is a magnificent and inspirational book. 

Bruce Marks

Great hints Burki!!
Felix Wölk

Packed with easy-to-use knowledge and explained in the best possible manner, the many photos and illustrations make it easy to see and understand what you're getting at. Congratulations with this major achievement,
Best from Harald


I just finished reading your book "Thermal Flying for Paraglider and Hangglider Pilots" borrowed from a friend
and I have decided to get my own one.



GREAT book! It was plain to see that this is the book you were longing for back when you were learning, and that you simply decided to write it yourself!
Cheers from Andreas

This book doesn‘t fill a gap in the market; it fills an abyss,
Hi from Thomas

I recommend it to everyone I meet.
Greetings from Michael


Hi Burki,
I loved your book Thermal Flying. I already read it several times and will continue to read it again and again.


Your book is the best piece of work I have seen in this segment, ever.
Peter Bräuniger

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